Pounds Gives The Visual Treatment for Buckwild Laced “Legacy”

The visual for “Legacy” is now live! From the Pounds Buckwild project, Trafficante, this was a personal favorite of mine. Upon the first listen, it’s been in constant rotation ever since. When Pounds asked what other joints people wanted to see a video for off the project, I certainly asked for this. Buckwild’s production doesn’t disappoint at all, and saxophonist, Clifton Haston added a stellar touch to the soundscape. The video, shot by New Vegas Films, captures Pounds enjoying the meal of a true King, accompanied by 2 individuals. Fellow Rochester rapper ENox makes a cameo appearance. As you’re vibing out, things take a turn with a surprise ending. This is one you don’t want to miss, and be sure to give Trafficante a spin if you haven’t already.