Apokalips The Archangel & Voces Del Silencio Show You the “Cycles of Life” (Video)

Top Shelf Muzik and Apokalips The Archangel presents “Cycles of Life” single featuring Voces Del Silencio with production by Seasra23. The single/video is off Apokalips’ forthcoming album titled 1137Q.’

In this saga from Bogoto, Columbia to Queens, the duo embodies gifts and curses of life while questioning the afterlife. Surrounded by dead bodies, mothers crying, and mankind fighting to become survival of the fittest; it only makes sense to embrace what lies ahead. Apokalips vows his lyrics and spirit will live on through his family until his resurrection…

The video was filmed in both Colombia and Queens with intertwining visuals of cemeteries and gritty streets to grasp the raw emotions from both Apokalips and Voces Del Silencio.  Watch “Cyles of Life” below.