Smooth B (Nice & Smooth) Releases NYC Inspired Visuals for New Track “Before”

Smooth B is a hip-hop musician from the original-school “Boogie Down” Bronx, NYC, birthplace of the sound. Perhaps best known as one half of famous rap duo Nice & Smooth alongside Greg Nice, Smooth has been variously represented by the Fresh Records, Rush Associated, Columbia, and Street Life record labels. Punchy, direct, and backed by undeniable rock-solid beats, music by Smooth B builds crowds, interest and emotion for recordings, performances and playlist spots which never fail to excite his audiences.

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Asked to describe his songs personally, Smooth B writes: “I’m simply bringing real hip hop back to the forefront for this generation.”

Smooth B’s repertoire includes his most popular recent release, “Game Over,” which appeared on the Beats Music independent record label in 2018. “Game Over” by Smooth B continues to garner widespread critical and fan acclaim.

In talking about his ultimate goal in music, Smooth B minces no words. “To share the gift the Most High God’s bestowed upon me with all of my brothers and sisters in this world,” he says.

Smooth B began his music career touring and recording with Bobby Brown as a background singer, rapper, and dancer. His hit singles over the years include “Hip Hop Junkies,” “Sometimes I Rhyme Slow,” “How to Flow,” “Cake & Eat It Too,” “Old to the New,” “Return of the Hip Hop Freaks,” and “Dwyck” feat. Gang Starr. Smooth B can also be heard singing on “Cheri” with Jo Jo Hailey (Jodeci).

He has since recorded with other notables such as Shaquille O’Neal and appeared on albums with fellow legends such as Ice T, Ice Cube, KAM, Mobb Deep, and many, many others. Between official music drops, Smooth has appeared in feature films such as “Strictly Business” and “Who’s the Man.”

Smooth B’s always expanding repertoire includes the eponymous Nice & Smooth on Fresh Records (1989), “Ain’t a Damn Thing Changed” on Rush Associated Labels/Columbia (1991), “Jewel of the Nile” on Rush Associated Labels (1994), and “Blazing Hot” on Street Life Records (1997).

A new single has been teased for early 2020 and has rap and hip-hop fans anxiously awaiting news of what Smooth will do next. Smooth B promised to bring real hip hop back to the forefront and release his new smashed single in February/2020.

Be sure to visit the official Smooth B website for recent news, impending tours, shows, and appearances (link provided below). Also don’t miss “Game Over” by Smooth B available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now.