DosOtaku (TheNASA8) Release “We Chief That Rob Paulsen”

Super-groups are such a rarity in this current generation of hip-hop. Groups like Pro Era that seemingly looked to carry the torch, split up to go in their own directions. Nowadays when groups of artists come together, it’s more to bounce off the hype of each other in a pursuit of solo success. Not in the case of Baltimore hip-hop group TheNASA8 who have been childhood friends for years. Their activity spans over six years of work and discography stretches over 50 projects. They even have a hand in local events like Baltimore’s own BEETTRIP.

TheNASA8 deviates from what we usually see from a group in that they pride themselves on being able to create a myriad of sounds and never sticking to one lane. The group’s evolution over time has yielded several side groups within the collective. Today DosOtaku of TheNASA8 releases their single “We Chief That Rob Paulsen” their first release since 2014’s Osaka Arch.

Produced by Josh Karbon, DosOtaku truly came to show you the meaning of bars.