NapsNDreds & Poison Pen Lick Off Shots In “Boom Bye Bye” Visual

NapsNDreds enlists Poison Pen in bangin’ new visual for his song “Boom Bye Bye” from his forthcoming project Bloodclaat II . The hard hitting track was created by DJ Kanzer. The black and white aesthetic is a dope touch to the entertaining video. The bars are heavy, the performance is energetic. Less is more in this case. The duo have a dynamic chemistry and a “wow” factor that will keep viewers engaged. The catchy hook appeals to the rude gal in me whilst majestic boom bap track awakens the b girl side. The guys are reppin’ to the fullest in this video. No room for weak rappers when these two link up and spew witty lava like bars. Rodney Solomon did an exceptional job as director. He captured some dope shots for this vicious visual. Watch “Boom Bye Bye” now!