Twan Mack Recruits Tragedy Khadafi & Mike Titan for “Ghetto Bastard”

Collaborations between New York emcees is nothing new. However, it’s not often the Empire State lyricists trade bars with a barsonist from Kareem City aka Milwaukee. Ghetto Bastard showcases 3 dope verses from Twan Mack (MKE), Mike Titan (BX) and Queensbridge architect Tragedy Khadafi. From the outset the track wails, providing the perfect backdrop for their individual stories of inner city decadence, laced with a tinge of optimism.

Produced by Mack, “Ghetto Bastard” provides lyrical highlights from each artist. Whether it’s Twan stating “they don’t play hockey, but they usually keep a goalie mask/this ain’t the 80’s keep them hands they would rather blast”, Titan’s “every since the beginning to dominate is winning/superiority arguably the key to living” or the Foul Mahdi’s “paper so long you can laugh at Puff’s/and you ain’t gotta chase a bag when a bag chase us”, “Ghetto Bastard” quenches the thirst of those of us wanting bars for our beverage. L.A. graphic artist Dion Tyler fuses slight animation with video to drive home the poignant message from the trio.

Mack continues to provide consistent, quality material as he forges ahead with his Adult
Contemporary Hip Hop platform. This is the first release for him and Mike Titan under the Bronx Bucks banner. 2020 will be an awesome year for all parties involved.