Skillz Set It Straight On “All Night” Featuring Regan (Video)

You may know him as Mad Skillz or Skillz or the guy that started the yearly “Rap Up” trend, but one thing for sure is he got a plethora of skills like his moniker. The hip-hop veteran takes it back to the fundamentals of rap on his new joint titled “All Night” that is laced with humor, dope lyricism and good old fun. Dope lyrics are one thing, but when the accompanying beat is off the hook then that takes it to a whole new plateau as The Gavin1 flips the classic MaryJane Girls song into a super rhythmic bounce that culminates in a rousing chorus.

The video follows the adventures of Skillz and little Regan who adds that youthful vibe into the mix as Skillz delivers the goods.

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