King Magnetic & Tone Spliff Are “Rest Less” In New Video

“Rest Less” serves as the first video from King Magnetic‘s Weekly Vibes releases and also the first single from an upcoming LP with Tone Spliff. The hook features Tom Sav who was featured on Mag’s “Belligerent” single in 2019. We Live TV captures the gritty visual with cameos from GQ Nothin Pretty out in NEPA (North East Pennsylvania).

When we reached out to Tone Spliff to ask him about his upcoming collaboration project with King Mag, the title, and the release date, this is what he had to say:

We don’t have a title or release date yet. We’re two songs in right now. Mag is doing a song a week for the whole year. This joint is for that, but will also be on our album. We’re also releasing another song titled “Ain’t a Damn Thing Changed” for Mag’s ‘Weekly Vibes’ on 2/21, which will also be on our future album.

For more on King Mag’s Weekly Vibes, stream playlist below or click the link