Okwerdz, Method Man & Young Collage “Know Me Like That” Video

Okwerdz and Young Collage enlist Hip-Hop’s own M-E-T-H-O-D Man for an underground meets mainstream gem in “Know Me Like That,” produced by Hallway Productionz.

The crew makes it very clear that despite what you heard, you don’t know them like that. Clout chasers refer to themselves as homies when in reality Ockwerdz makes mention of punching face tattoos off and watching trendy rappers pushing Ubers. His circle is smaller than a dot and even that might be too much! Method Man pops off with a sick flow in the second verse putting everyone in their place; flabbergasted as bench warmers.

Hallway Productionz delivers an anthem style arrangement of cadences blended perfectly to intensify the catchy hook, sure to have Hip-Hop heads addictively hitting repeat. Watch “Know Me Like That” below.