Kool Taj The Gr8 Pays Tribute to Lo Lifes in Vibrant “LLayers” Visuals

Recently, Lo Life Anniversary was celebrated with annual Lo Goose on the Deuce, January 18, 2020. Kool Taj the Gr8 rocks out on a Pete Rock instrumental “My My Baby” from Petestrumentals 2. It’s a dope tribute to the iconic Lo Lifes crew. The track is called “LLayers” its a soulful boom bap joint paying homage to the sick layers of Ralph Lauren you’ll see the fashionable set rocking at Lo Goose on The Deuce and day to day. From t-shirts to rugbys to sweaters, vests, sneakers, boots, belts, hats, goose downs, even ponchos, you can catch the Lo Lifes wearing some of the flyest most exclusive Ralph Lauren apparel.

The song mentions some of the Love and Loyalty fam who have made an impact on the hip hop culture. The video was shot live from the annual Lo Goose on The Deuce location in Times Square. Kool Taj The Gr8 is reppin hard with majestic mic in hand. It’s definitely an entertaining video. High energy and good vibes Can’t pay tribute to Lo Lifes without a hearty SaLLute to the General Thirstin Howl the 3rd. Rest In Peace to my OG Boostin’ Billy. Watch “LLayers” video! It’s all about Love and Loyalty.