Miskeen Haleem & Whiskeyman Educate the Masses in ‘School of Thought’ EP

Rising underground artist Miskeen Haleem and UK producer Whiskeyman teach the competition what real boom bap is about in School of Thought EP. There’s undeniable star quality here. The passion behind the bars fused with the pulsating production is phenomenal. Raw, rugged, unapologetic boom bap. Seven deadly tracks killing the hip hop scene. If you are looking for a no skip banger to add to your collection, this is it!

My fav joints are “School of Thought”, “Principles”, “Madness” and “Large Amount”. There’s integrity in this content, and I respect that. Tap in to Miskeen Haleem and Whiskeyman and you won’t be disappointed. Class is in session. Check out School of Thought now!

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