Premiere: Lords of the Underground Return with Onyx & Snowgoons for “What’s Up” Video + LOTUG Interview

What do you get when Rap Gods connect on the same track? THIS! Lords of the Underground recruit ONYX for this high energy collaboration between two of Hip Hop’s greats. If that’s not enough, add in the powerhouse Snowgoons production team and we’ve got us a banger! But stand clear cause when this track comes on, this colossal of a beat produced by Sicknature will have you throwin’ bows at their shows, in the club, in the whip, at your job, wherever. You get the gist. This monster of a track comes off their ‘So Legendary‘ album, entirely produced by the Snowgoons, which is set to release in late February (exact date in interview below).

LOTUG, ONYX & DJ Illegal (Snowgoons)

When we caught up with DJ Illegal (Snowgoons), he shared the back story of the track and video, and how it all came together:

While we recorded the album with Lords of the Underground in Germany, during the Euro Tour, we had two shows upcoming with Onyx. We just finished up the SnowMads album with Onyx and had the idea to bring them all together in the studio in Hamburg (Germany), since they have never worked together. Everybody started immediately vibin’ out to some beats I played and Fredro Starr just screamed out, “Yo! What’s up?! Are we doing this?!” And then he said it again, “Ayo! What the fuck is up?!” But he said it on the beat like it was a line he just wrote. That’s how the hook was created and the rest of the song as well. They all wrote and recorded it within one hour just because the vibe was right. You could feel the energy in this room of that pure hip hop power. As for the video, we filmed it the next day at the show in Cologne (Germany) with only one take and collected material on the side. We wanted it to be as spontaneous and as live as the whole track was created.


Awhile back we had the honor of interviewing Doitall and Mr. Funke separately. Today we hit the trifecta with Lord Jazz responding on behalf of the whole crew. This is So Legendary! What makes this even more special is that the questions come from our Instagram followers. We wanted to do something different, so we figured why not! Hope you enjoy this new approach…

Doitall, Mr. Funke, Lord Jazz


@aaronaverheart (IG): What inspired you guys to come back out now after all these years?

What inspired us to drop this album is the love of music and we’re still passionate about it. So why stop? People believe that we haven’t been busy or in the spotlight because they haven’t seen us. We have been touring since the 90s, mostly in Europe. I lived in Paris, France from 2000-2012 and I’ve connected with numerous promoters and labels and did a lot of DJing and touring while in Europe. So we have been busy and just dealing with life in general (wives and kids). We’re grown ass men with responsibilities. Mr. Funke dropped his solo project in 2017. I dropped mine in 2012. And Doitall dropped his in 2010. We combined forces with Marley Marl again in 2014 on an album called ‘LOTUG 20.‘ This year felt right to drop the new album with the Snowgoons.

@weeklyrapgods (IG): How did you and the Snowgoons connect? Who reached out to who about doing the album?

As far as working with the Snowgoons on ‘So Legendary‘ that was a no brainer for me because these guys have dope beats and a great work ethic. I like that about them, plus their track record speaks for itself. It just made sense to do it. The new project is definitely for our fans and Snowgoons fans. We combined forces and knocked it out. I’ve always wanted to collab with the Goons. As I lived in Paris, France from 2000-2012 I would see them while doing DJ gigs in Germany and all around Europe. I love their albums and what they have contributed to Hip Hop. Our European management (Latfro Agency) actually suggested that we do the album with the Goons and made it happen.

@triboro_gigolo (IG): Why the long hiatus between ‘Keepers of the Funk‘ and the new album with Snowgoons?

Why the long hiatus you say? Not really that long, but i guess in today’s time it is. We’ve dropped ‘House of Lords‘ in 2007 then we toured Europe. In 2010 Doitall dropped his solo project called ‘American Du’ in 2012, I dropped my project called ‘The Plain Dealer‘ and we toured the world. In 2014 we connected back up with Marley Marl and dropped ‘LOTUG 20‘ and in 2017 Mr. Funke dropped his album and we toured Europe again. You can go to all the musical outlets online and support this music because we do it for y’all.

@parksidekilla (IG): When will the album be released?

The album is called ‘So Legendary‘ and it will be released February 21st, 2020.

@vino_valentino (IG): I’d like to know if there is an artist or group from the 90’s that you have always wanted to work with but never did.

I personally would love to do an album with MFDoom! I believe our musical tastes and his witty underground raps would be a nice mix.

@lex_of_lexzyne_productions (IG): Who are some of your favorite new producers?

Some of my new favorite producers are not really new at all, but I would say Nottz and Jake One.

image0 2.jpeg
Lord Jazz

@sub.zero420 (IG): Was there really a beef between you and Das EFX? And what was that beef all about? Did you actually confront them back then?

We never had a beef with Das EFX. That was some Industry mess. I remember when we had our deal in college, and we had started recording with Marley, I was still doing my campus radio show and while going through my promo records, there was this record by Das EFX, so I put it on and immediately I said to myself, “What the hell is Doitall doing on this record?” I went to his dorm room and asked him about it and then I let him hear it and he was like that’s not me! For me, it was the same pitch in the vocals as him, but that’s not a beef. That’s just Hip Hop. And Drayz being from Jersey, they sounded alike. The media made all that beef shit up because of them being in the sewer and us being from the underground. Go back and listen to “Here Come the Lords” song and tell me what you think now that you know this.

@sub.zero420 (IG): How did you first get introduced to the Hip Hop culture? And did y’all ever do graffiti?

I was introduced to Hip Hop while listening to street DJs on the radio in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m originally from Cleveland, so it was a lil different for me. I tried all the elements of Hip Hop, even graffiti. But I was not good at all. My last element to try was DJ’ing and boy, oh boy, am I glad I tried it! I fell in love with it. I saved up my money and got a belt driven MCS turntable and used my mother’s old one. They were two different tables – one with pitch and the other no pitch, so it was very hard to mix. But I was happy. Eventually doing school parties and birthday parties, I saved up money to get one Technics 1200, my father got the other one, and I was on my way and have been doing it ever since!

@ohz7grayt_kaf (IG): Besides yourselves, can you each give your personal top 5 of Jersey MC’s?

My top 5 Jersey MCs would be, of course, Doitall & Funke. But excluding them, it would be Chill Rob G, Treach, Redman, Tame 1, and Lauryn Hill in no order.


WRG would like to thank LOTUG and Snowgoons for their continuous support in our brand and for their contribution to the culture! Make sure y’all check out their previous releases, especially this already epic ‘So Legendary’ album.

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