JoJo Pellegrino & Conway The Machine Are “Shootaz”

What do you get when Buffalo and Staten Island collide, Shootaz on a death blowing mission unable to be deterred. JoJo Pellegrino and Conway The Machine join forces for new music brimming with merciless wordplay and punchlines, “F*ck a bullet with names on it, I write to whom it may concern on each shell.” 

The smooth, soulful sounds of piano keys might throw off listeners at the very beginning of the intro, however once Conway steps in with the infamous gritty throat clear; mayhem kicks off. JoJo follows suit slaying lame rappers with incriminating 1st-degree shots. The message is simple, to get in this duo’s way equates to becoming extinct! Stream “Shootaz” produced by The Custodian of Records below.