Making Power Moves With M.A.V. (Interview)

Rochester’s own, M.A.V., has made great strides in the underground hip hop scene with his clique, DaCloth. His signature sound is creative and unmatched. And his potent and effortless delivery is his calling card. His trending style is unparalleled. We caught up with the hip hop sensation to see what he’s up to and gain some insight on what makes the musical genius tick. Enjoy this insightful interview with one of the hottest underground artist.



How old were you when you started rapping? What sparked ya interest?

I was probably around 11, just a guess it was around the time everyone’s rap name ended with ski on the back end of it . I wanted to rap when I heard my older sister live on air rapping at WRUR rodio station up at the University of Rochester.

Who are your musical influences?

Life experience itself not necessarily any artists at all. As I said previously my sister was a major influence! When I was a kid guys like Kurtis Blow and the Furious 5, Roxanne Shante, etc were mainstays musically in our radios but I was to young to truly understand what was being said in some cases. It was until my life was running parallel to guys like NAS, book camp clique, and a lot of others from the 90’s that it all made sense and I felt it more. But what influenced what? Life or the music? Art imitates life….

How did DaCloth form? Tell us about the members.

DaCloth came together in 2012 when the founding members (Rigz, Symph, Illanoise, and myself) Decided to join together as well as pursue our solo endeavors musically. Since then we’ve added Times Change Rod Gates and everybody knows Mooch. He doing his numbers.

Rochester is creating a legacy in hip hop. What in your environment influences your music? How does it feel to see ya city on the map in a major way?

My environment is quite different at this point in my life than it was prior, so more or less your getting the old version of who I’ve come to be. It’s always been a contradiction in my life as far as the good and the bad are concerned. Although I’ve been a willing participant in both for longer than some of these cats been rapping. You know the hustlers provide turkeys for the community during the holiday season and throw block parties in the summer time era! As far as how I feel about my city getting some light I’m very pleased to see that, it’s long overdue. There’s a level of authenticity and grit that comes with this wave that’s I feel can’t be duplicated. We all bang no flash!

What do you think of the climate in the Underground Hip Hop scene right now? Do you think the music is evolving?

No matter how people look at it it’s a good time to be doing what we do. Especially for the cats who do what I do. If you don’t think the check writers are watching you crazy. This is the game right here, you’ll see more established artists partner up with the underground cats to use them as a steroid to there weakened situations. Please don’t mistake it for the other way around. Some artists are young and talented without a ceiling anywhere in sight. While some ships have sailed and sunk. As far as the music evolving I wouldn’t say that, I would say however that there are artists restoring the feeling and bringing detail to certain situations that we haven’t seen in previous years musically.

Do you think technology and social media has watered down Hip Hop or has it helped its growth?

It’s been a gift and a curse! It’s allowed artists like me to go from my neighborhood to working with artists and producers and selling music all over the world. It’s also put the things you don’t like about hiphop or its participants right in front of you. Now you have to sift through the bullshit to get to the prize. Its like any other platform if used properly it could be to your benefit. Or not !!!!!!!!

Tell us about your sound. Don’t you feel it’s important for artists to find their own niche?

A. It’s mood music, whatever I’m feeling is what I go with. I don’t stay in any particular realm cause that’s not realistic. Nothing I’ve done sounds like ‘Angelz and Demonz’, and nothing sounds like ‘Dust 2 Dust’. They’re two different vibes and both have different elements in them. As far as finding your niche yeah, if you gonna do it. But it’s a problem when you box yourself into a corner so it has to be done in a way that you allow yourself different avenues to explore without going way out left field to do so. When done wrong it makes an artist hard to listen to cause you already know what to expect and in some cases that’s nothing to look forward to.

Who are some current artists you like to listen to?

I’m currently fine tuning and creating for myself so I’m not listening to anyone. I do t like any outside influence when I’m writing and recording, so I eliminate all outside music with the exception of what’s going on inside my studio at the time. But my favorites are within arms reach!

What’s your creative process when making music?

I pick a bunch of beats that I like sonically then I go on about my life until those beats start to reach out to me. I may be shopping or something and have a melody in my head based on some production I have sitting in a folder someplace. That’s how I know it’s time to write to that beat. Every now and then I hear something and I get it done in the next 10 minutes or so. Hobgoblin sent me a few joints like that recently. Outside of that I like absolute quiet and I don’t want to hear the beat anymore after I’ve listened to it once. If it becomes to familiar I lose interest in it.

What can we expect from your upcoming project? Tell us about it. Who is producing, who is featured, concept, etc.

I have several projects coming most will drop in 2020 but my next release on Dec 28th is ‘Angelz and Demonz 2’ produced by Hobgoblin. The first one was super dark this has dark undertones but I give you a lot more in depth content on the latter version. We revisit some scenarios and cover some new ground on ‘A&D2’. Like the difference in the 4.0 and the 4.6 this one got all the bells and whistles.

Stakes is high rap battle. Ten people per crew required. Who are you picking for ya crew?

DaCloth Loaded Lux, Tay Roc, and Murda Mook wit the Du rag cape hanging!

In DaCloth We Trust!!!!!!!!!!


Weekly Rap Gods would like to thank M.A.V. for choppin’ it up with us. Your sound is ambitious, competitive and we wish you continued success.