Maffew Ragazino & Nems Eat Good On the New “Cornerstone Carnivore” Single (Video)

I been a Maffew Ragazino fan since “Rhyme Pays” or “Rare Gems”. One thing I can say is he’s been pretty damn consistent. Spitting verses with everyone from Skyzoo to the late great Sean Price, Maff still has plenty of fire in that ink pen. The new single “Cornerstone Carnivore” is evidence of that. Produced by New Jersey’s own Alist Fame, Maff wasted no time going in with bars like:

“Ugly n***a, but bitches think I’m adorable / Everything I hear on the radio is deplorable / They fuckin’ up the game / Getting away with murder like Orenthal James everybody sound the same…” 

Maffew has always been slick with the lines, and of course dropping some fashion in the verses especially Ralph Lauren. If you’re a fan, you always expect him to get busy.  Then when you add on Nems, who caught a serious body on this one, it’s a wrap. When he said, “Everybody wanna be like Mike / Till they shoot ya pops on the highway in the middle of the night…” I had to stop and say, “Wait! Wait! He said what???!!! Play that shit back again!!!!”

These two definitely got busy. If you’re looking for rugged bars to start off 2020, well this is a good place to start.