Indigo Phoenyx & Producer PA DRE Presents ‘The Conjuring EP’

After thrilling us with two singles, our very Indigo Phoenyx & producer PA DRE finally drop their collaborative project entitled ‘The Conjuring EP.’ The 7 track epic body of work is produced in its entirety by PA DRE who crafts broody cinematic textures that fit Phoenyx’s calm flow and detailed menacing lyrics.

The EP starts off with the introductory record entitled “The Black Witch” where Indigo ushers us into a world where she reigns supreme with the pen. “Insane” is a posse cut featuring XP The Marxman and Eddie Kaine who all come through in the clutch with graphic imagery of their individual state of mind. The following cuts include the previously released single “Avenge The Abbot” featuring Jae Hussle and Kil Ripkin and the broody “Divine Deity” that showcases Phoenyx’s dark lyrics that explore life and her spirituality in a very unique manner. Fellow emcees Spoda, Miskeen Haleem show up on “The Ritual” while Daddy O contributes to the reflective textures of “From The Dirt.” The EP ends with the engulfing “Crown Of Thorns” where Indigo Phoenyx brings down the curtains with a perfect description of keeping her aura positive regardless of naysayers and negative forces that seem to be prevalent in this age we live in.

Need we say more, ‘The Conjuring EP‘ is short but sure packs a heavy punch with the dense, dark production and gripping lyrics.


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