Observe Since ‘98 Releases Outstanding ‘Royaume Du Sauvage’ LP

Observe Since ‘98 delivers yet another audacious album! The project is titled Royaume Du Sauvage. It features a slew of the hottest underground hip hop artists, such as Jamil Honesty, Vic Spencer, Sully Nomad, Hus Kingpin, Tha God Fahim, Snotty, Jay NiceEl Camino, Cousin Feo, Lord Juco, Nino Graye, Mooch and many more notable emcees! There Fifteen joints all fuego. My favorites are “Money in the Bag”, “Acid Soaked Bandana (Instrumental)”, “Dos Equis for Eyes”, “Medieval Xs” and “Leaders of the New”.

The art is always polished pristine like a masterpiece one would find in a museum with a hood appeal added. I appreciate the aesthetics creativity and originality. I absolutely love the project as a whole. It’s savage bar exchange over hardcore production that’s edgy and electrifying. Loretta Records never disappoints. Secure your copy of Royaume Du Sauvage now!