Hus Kingpin & SmooVth Link Up to Release ‘The Connect Tape’

For many years, Hus Kingpin and SmooVth have consistently complimented one another throughout countless projects. While they’ve both dropped their own solo efforts, they’ve come back around to drop their latest collaboration. The Connect Tape takes us on a 13 track audible journey. How does features from EtoBig TwinsRome StreetzMach HommyVon Poe VIIJunelyfe (who also produced one of the joints) sound? Laced with production from Wun TwoGiallo PointStu BangasKhory EnigmaDoktor RhealHeat RockHobgoblinBohemia LynchThe Standouts and Level 13, it’s a melting pot blend of creatives.

On “Out of Bounds”, both Hus and SmooVth speak buttery, poetic flows over a delicately smooth soundscape. Moving on to “Marathon”, the cadence and energy picks up with an infectious backdrop that sounds like it should be on the soundtrack of a horror film. “Allustrious” is my favorite feature joint, which enlists Eto and Big Twins to contribute some sharp bars. SmooVth and Hus show out with more aggression on the self explanatory track “The Legends”. I ran back “Caterpillars” numerous times, which I felt was one of SmooVth’s most memorable verses and deliveries, along with a hard hitting beat canvas.

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I liked what Hobgoblin did with the production on “Way Up”, but I just wished it was longer, as Hus didn’t appear on this one. “Wilson Fisk Meets Manny Merengues” was another one I enjoyed because of the way the the duo’s flows seemed to feed effortlessly off the dark themed music. This project reiterated that the contrast between Hus and SmooVth’s styles is incredible when combined. They can work on their own projects, and always come back full circle for a collab at any given time. The Connection Tape is available on all digital platforms, with CD’s available for purchase at If you prefer wax, vinyl copies will be available in 2020.