Postman L & Rob Deniro Unsheathe “Art of the Sword” Project

Postman L and Rob Deniro deliver a dope project titled Art of the Sword. It consists of nine knockin’ tracks which feature Miskeen Haleem, Body Bag Ben and M.ila. Each joint is a banger but my favs are “Art of the Sword”, “Spanish Daggers” and “Fly Lingo”. I also love the art and how well it ties in with the title and concept. I think artist tend to miss the importance of having a cohesive body of work across the board. Lyricism is heavy, production is astounding, and the art is polished. Art of the Sword is sharp and cleverly created project. Each artist gives us power packed bars. Rob Deniro is surely making his mark as a top notch producer. Kudos to Postman L on a hot project to close out 2019. This is a great addition for hip hop lovers’ playlist. Check out Art of The Sword now!

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