Premiere: Bru Lei, DJ Przm & Eclypse Da Predanatural Say “Promoters Suck”

“Don’t step to me with that, If you promotin’ the show make sure it ain’t wack…”

A Tribe called Quest dropped that evergreen quotable on their classic 1991 cut “Rap Promoter” (off The Low End Theory).  Three decades later it still resonates just as deeply with any emcee who has had to deal with the pitfalls of live show bookings.

Definitely owing a debt from what ATCQ threw down, Bru Lei (with an assist from Eclypse Da Predanatrual and the late/great DJ Przm) draw upon their own experiences and without a doubt make it 100% clear where they stand on our premiere track for today “Promoters Suck

To appear on the forthcoming Crumbs EP, which will drop on CD/Digital via Public School Records on December 20th, the track is one of eight recently unearthed Bru Lei tracks, (produced entirely by DJ Przm, who also rhymes on many of them) recorded between 2004-2007.  Also guesting is members of other notable groups out of the same fertile Columbus, Ohio underground scene including Jakki Tha Motamouth (MHz) and Metro (S.A. Smash)


To fans of the underground hip-hop boom that swelled heavy in the early years of this millennium, Przm was the nexus for Columbus’s underground.  Establishing a long-running and successful weekly hip-hop night at a club called Bernie’s it was ground zero for artists such as RJD2, Blueprint, Camu Tao and Illogic who would go on to national visibility.

As a DJ, emcee and producer Przm also was a force including producing Camu Tao’s signature track “Hold The Floor” (Def Jux Records) and establishing his own heavyweight crew, Spitball (of which Bru Lei and Eclypse Da Predanatural were members).

Speaking on Przm’s legacy, Bru Lei said:

“He was the RZA of our scene, all he did was create and record music. He had so much dope material recorded that never was released that you would forget what tracks you were on.  Amazingly my brother DJ Pos 2 (who was in Spitball with Przm and me) archived everything.”

On the inspiration for “Promoters Suck” Bru also recalled:

“One time we went to Cleveland for a show and they didn’t pay us and didn’t even have turntables for us to get on, Przm always saw the humorous side of those situations.”


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