Young Black And Gifted Want You to Know “Ain’t Nothing New”

The duo of Rochester, NY emcee Azariah and producer Kidd Called Quest also knows as Young Black And Gifted (YBG) have dropped a new single today. “Ain’t Nothing New” according to the YBG camp is “recollecting and reflecting on their grind over the years, while staying true to themselves and avoiding trends and falling into traps.”

“Ain’t Nothing New” is available digitally now but will be part of a project The Black Gift that the duo will drop on Nov 29th (aka Black Friday).  In addition YBG affililate Jae Hussle also recently released a long-awaited full-length project, Reflections: A Story Of My Lifetime Vol 1 that was entirely produced by Kidd Called Quest.

Young Black And Gifted Bandcamp page: