Apokalips The Archangel & Eye Dee Beats “Belly of the Beast”

Top Shelf Muzik and Apokalips The Archangel release “Belly of the Beast” single produced by Eye Dee Beats.


The Queen’s purebred spews raw, aggressive bars to deliver a gritty, truth hammering record. Apokalips was raised on M.O.P, Mobb Deep, Smif-N-Wessun, and other notorious NY rappers so to say he’ll do whatever it takes to stay afloat and not quit is an understatement.

In a world absorbed in extortion, shiesty slums, corrupt government, and even Bi-Polar suffering mother nature, Apokalips will not succumb to feeling lost or phased. “Good Lord show some mercy cause in the hood we stay thirsty, I heard the gates they look pearly, what’s really good why ya reachin so early?” 

Apokalips even offers a message to “birds making money” off what they mumble, he doesn’t need chains weighing down his neck for notoriety. Take heed from the ‘belly of the beast’.  Stream “Belly of the Beast” below.