Sons of WU Members, 2nd Generation WU, Debut “7.O.D” Single

Four tightknit descendants of the legendary Shaolin WU, come together for a new age reign. iNTeLL son of U-God, PXWER son of Method Man, and appearances from Ghostface Killah’s son SUN GOD, and late ODB’s son Young Diry Bastard make up the 2nd Generation WU. Their debut single “7.O.D” produced by JoJo Pellegrino and J-Glaze re-ignite classic “C.R.E.A.M.” elements.

unnamed (18)
Young Dirty Bastard, iNTeLL, PXWER

Although honoring the WU foundation and path, each artist displays their own mastery from cutthroat rhymes to insane energy that proves a stellar, foolproof takeover. 2nd Generation WU will have listeners from 5-65 feeling fly, and throwing up the W’s with newfound regard and respect.

JJP and J-Glaze provide the heart and soul of “7.O.D” with a culmination of riveting horns and immense bass that accentuates every punchline and infallible lyrical flow. Stream “7.O.D” below.

Fun fact; I had the pleasure of meeting, building with, and experiencing a mindblowing performance from both iNteLL and PXWER. I can attest to their humble, yet hungry presence, with a determination to reign in the music industry as their own and own their own.