M.O.P’s Billy Danze Declares “This Thing of Ours”

NY’s infamous Billy Danze of M.O.P is back with another single off #TheBillyDanzeProject. The 12-part single ‘Bakers Dozen’ features the invigorating and refreshing record titled “This Thing of Ours.” 

Recently, Danze stepped out of the hardcore, notorious M.O.P box and began exploring different sounds, flows, and vibes that compliment both the old and new school. He’s spoken briefly in interviews about wanting to create music that both seasoned ears and fresh ears can appreciate and embrace. This ignited his personal mission to bridge the generational gap in Hip Hop, and with that “This Thing of Ours” was birthed.


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For any true Hip Hop heads and enthusiasts, the intro and outro alone will send hair-raising chills throughout the body. In a voice, opposite of the Hulk-like one we hear on stage, Danze iterates the importance of unity in Hip Hop to ensure it’s longevity. Through gripping bars he drops gem after gem and jewel after jewel empowering artists to cherish ‘this thing of ours.’

Stream “This Thing of Ours” and connect with Billy Danze below.

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