Caligula Stylz Commits “Mass Murder” in New Video

Deciding to start his career in music, Cali started penning rhymes at a young age, cultivating his skills and drawing from the diverse lessons he learned over the years. Eventually, he established himself as an artist in Virginia (Hampton Roads); adopting the name Caligula Stylz (shortened to Cali), as an ode to his ability to be inclusive of all musical genres and styles. From the recording process to laying ad-libs over a track, Cali ensured that each element of his work was infused with his bravado: a mix of conscious rhymes, exceptional knowledge of music composition, and an infectious persona that compliments his individuality.

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Caligula proves that hip-hop’s disappearing regionalism isn’t a gimmick- it’s historic and necessary. State lines fade as New York’s cultural style infiltrates the West Coast and Southern beats infuse the Midwest. Rap music is undergoing a much-needed transformation through the genius of artists such as Cali, who double as hip-hop music mavericks and agents of change.

Always up for a challenge, Cali experimented by dissecting each region of rap, each genre of music, and then adding in a heavy dose of his personality. Tackling battle in any type of rap in his career has given him a well-rounded musical portfolio that defies any musical counterpart in the field.

In his freestyle mixtape hosted by DJ Des, he proved he can rap on any beat, from New York hardcore and grimey boom bap beats like “Last Dayz” by ONYX to g-funk west coast beats like “All Eyez On Me” by 2pac. It permitted him to gain attention to the Hardcore Rap 4 Life record label. And once they got in touch, everything clicked. Now Caligula’s first album entitled ‘Rated Hardcore‘ is availble to the masses. The beats in the album are heavily inspired by producer Chyskillz (RIP) beats on the 1993 hardcore rap album, Bacdafucup. With this first album for Cali and for Hardcore Rap 4 Life records, the aim is to bring back the hardcore rap by storm and show everyone the genre is far from dying.