Premiere: Asun Eastwood & Vago Present “Wordly Ways” Video

Asun Eastwood is taking us on a new visual journey with his latest joint, “Wordly Ways”. This is the first single from his upcoming LP,  Sewer Science, with producer Vago. Starting out with some previous video clips, this is a continuous storyline that began with last year’s Verified Account,” which we premiered as well. Followed by “Disposal,” which dropped in February this year. All shot and directed by Mercenary. The plot thickens with Shane Marriott reprising his role as the enemy. Merc continues to come up with creative techniques to nail it with the supreme aesthetics.

Album Artwork

The color schemes were minimal with the exception of yellow that was highlighted on Asun’s attire, as well as the ladies who appeared in the scenes. Asun gets the dirty work handled accordingly, but manages to keep his hands clear of evidence at all times. We’re talking no traces left behind. Vago will handle the production duties solo, and I look forward to hearing what he comes up with. Sewer Science will feature guest appearances by Che UnoMooch and M.A.V. of Da ClothRaz FrescoBlack NaziRecognize AliPrimo Profit and Daniel Son. By the album title and artwork alone, the outcome is anticipated to be nothing short of filthy.