Interview with SCVTTERBRVIN

Cali, San Diego emcee/beat-maker/sometime battler & label honcho SCVTTERBRVIN out of his mind, on another plane, trippin’ or on some other ish, just don’t call him stagnant.

Currently he is promoting his forthcoming album The Acid Atheist, which dropped via his own Red Lotus Klan (Tha God Fahim, Sleep Sinatra) label today. In addition to his own production on the project (as SCVTTERBRVIN as well as his Infinity Gauntlet alias), he has tapped an all-star list of producers for Weekly Rap Gods readers.  This includes the first two singles “Gator Rogowski” produced by Won87 and “Loko Haram” produced by The Historian as well as tracks from Evil Dewer, GRIMM Doza, Wazasnics, JLVSN and Aki Kharmicel.

WRG sent him some questions about the project as well as his two decades of history in the game.

SCVTTERBRVIN Cred Aaron Thomas


Your bio says that you emcee, produce, have battle-rapped and run a label. If you had to pick one of those to do for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

I’d produce for the rest of my life no question. I have the most fun looking for samples and putting beats together. There’s less boundaries to who you can be as a producer. It’s also the least stressful.

On this release, you produced under your own name and Infinity Gauntlet (your alter ego). What’s the difference, if any, in style between beats under those names? Choosing the beats on this album from the names you picked, do you look for a certain vibe or style to make a coherent project or do you not think that far ahead?

I just kinda stopped using “Infinity Gauntlet” because it felt burnt out with all the Marvel movies. Usually there’s no difference in how I’m named as producer but on this album I made a conscious decision to list it how I did. “SCVTTERBRVIN” might just loop some shit up real quick. “Infinity Gauntlet” might spend 3 hours chopping and sequencing drums for no reason. All the other producers I reached out to because they were people I respected from what I heard online. I’ve always preferred rapping to other peoples beats. Going into this album I wanted to work with new producers from different parts of the map and deliver a good mixture of sounds for the audience.

It’s been said that you came up with the album title ‘The Acid Atheist‘ while tripping on LSD and watching a documentary on Nostradamus. Have you ever produced/recorded while tripping and would you advise anyone to do so?

Most times when I’m tripping I’m not even worried about music. My inspiration usually follows after. I take the energy from that experience and translate it to words and sounds. Once you open the Doors of Perception you don’t even need the key to re-enter. I highly recommend any artist that is on the level to front flip into the rabbit hole. Definitely attempt to create too. It might be the greatest thing you ever did… or complete garbage. Either way, be positive and have fun.

With your cassette label, Red Lotus Klan, you have released projects by Camouflauge Monk, Sadhugold, Heem Stoogied, Fahim, Jamal Gasol and Sleep Sinatra. All of whom are great underground artists. Aside from this style, what other artists and genres do you listen to that aren’t such obvious influences?

Outside of rap I like listening to Drumetrics, Skrapez, Broadcast, Adrian Younge. My biggest influences aren’t really music related. I’m inspired by Howard Stern, Salvador Dali, Hunter S. Thompson, and Michael Jordan.

Doing a YouTube search, there’s a televised battle of you against Dizaster, who is obviously a legend. Being that some of these battle rappers are eating good, how come you didn’t continue with that side of the game?

Yeah shout out to Dizaster. I need that rematch. I have fun doing it but I didn’t want to continue in that format unless I could it give my 100% I wasn’t really inspired to battle any of them rappers I was getting offered. I’m always open to battle tho but it just has to make sense for me. I’m a gladiator. I love the battle culture.

You have spent time both living on the east coast and the west coast. Which one do you think is more productive for your art?

I feel like I can be productive no matter where I am. I’m doing exactly what I was doing in San Diego out here in New York but now that I’m in a bigger market I think I’m being heard more. So it’s motivating me to take everything to a higher level. I feel like De La Soul on their 4th album, Stakes Is High. It’s bigger than east coast/ west coast tho. I’m trying to takeover the world.

What do you have coming up next? What are you working on at the moment?

The next project I’m releasing is called “The Rotten King” Produced by ill-Sugi. I’m also currently working on the 4th volume of my mixtape series, “Grand Theft Audio” featuring Estee Nack, Tha God Fahim and Tragedy Khadafi. Look out for that in 2020. As far as Red Lotus Klan, stay tuned for new albums from Obnoxious and Odessa Kane.

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