Review: Ras Kass ‘Soul On Ice 2’ Album + Book

If your into heavy lyricism and Boom Bap beats like I am, Soul On Ice 2 will be very enjoyable for you. It took me a few listens and a read through the SOI2 book (which was a great idea btw) for me to grasp everything. Ras Kass has one of the best pen games in the culture and he asserts that from first track on the album to the end.

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Note: Lyrics are highlighted in MAROON

“Silver Anniversary” has to be the best way to set off the 25th anniversary of Soul On Ice: “25 years in the making / Before conversations with Elohim and Satan / “Nature of The Threat” still more relevant than ever…” With a dope ass soulful beat, he explains the ills of the music industry and the world for that matter.

On “Grammy Speech”, Ras spits, “Now the underground don’t respect skills if you don’t go pop / Ain’t that some backwards shit, though? / Like it jumping out the toilet bowl and squeezing back up in your asshole…” Damn, or bars like, “Open your eyes while I try to get your mind right / Spat on my hands like Jesus Christ gave the blind sight…” Punchlines for days, but never lacking substance.

On “Midnight Sun”, he starts off by saying, “What if I told you that I am not black / And you are not white? / That’s a societal construct / Created to divide us / Love is the light that guide us / The devil makes spotlights to blind us / Some fear the melanin inside us / And only the better men unite us…”

Overall, SOI2 is a perfect amalgamation of lyricism, controlled anger, deep thoughts, and rugged beats. Another joint I love on here titled “Guns & Roses” enlists the appearances of Fame of M.O.P. and Styles P of The Lox  – for those who want that hardcore feel.

With stellar production by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Diamond D, Pete Rock, and guest appearances by Ceelo GreenSnoop, one of his twin sons Taj Austin, and others, you will really enjoy this piece of art.

He also released The Lyrics of Ras Kass book, which unfortunately sold out quickly. It was filled with lyrics amongst dope sketches, illustrations by Miya Bailey, pictures from his actual rhyme book with bar breakdowns, splashes of dope images of a Jameson bottle cap, nacho chips, a ball point pen, and other stuff you might witness at a Ras Kass studio session. The book is very well put together. Shoutout to Curtis Daniel the 3rd up at @patchworksstudio in Atlanta for a great concept. I’m glad I got this book. Now I gotta go back and get all my favorite lyricist’s books to finish my collection.

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Review & photos by Shabaam Sahdeeq