Indigo Phoenyx Unleashes ‘The Goddess Paradox’

Brooklyn, lyrical vixen Indigo Phoenyx releases her new project titled “The Goddess Paradox.” The 8-track gem features Killy Shot, Eloh Kush, XP The Marxman, Recognize Ali, M.A.V, eNox, Jae Hustle, Napoleon Da Legend, and Spoda.

Phoenyx embodies a timeline of strength, power, and pain in “The Goddess Paradox.” The production brewing with thumping bass, striking horns, gritty beats, and worldly soundscapes elevates her lyrical status and ability to step toe to toe, into a fiery arena and thrive through burning rappers.

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“Gods of War” sets the tone of the project and invites listeners into a raging war of lyricism led by Phoenyx herself. Although a golden path, there are no butterflies or rainbows swarming around her.  “Killa Kali” begins the declaration as Phoenyx demands respect. With her daggers drawn, she moves at her own accord slaying anyone in her way.  “Poseidon Paradox” reveals her position, you can find the untamed lioness where the fires blaze watching front-page news hits being carried out.

During the “Interlude” Phoenyx drops polished wordplay and tight bars, subliminally checking rappers; all the boom-bap queen needs are her penned verses and a mic to reign champion.  “Mallory Knox” brings it back to the raging war. From Brooklyn to Atlanta and back again, Phoenyx is making power moves and multiplying stacks.

Phoenyx wraps up with two personal tracks that shed light on life before stacks and before spitfire lyricism.  “Death of a Phoenyx” is impeccable storytelling about her once confused heart, and the intimate process she underwent to awaken her soul. “Moonlight Melancholy” piggybacks, and again through pained storytelling invites listeners into her past of sorrow, lost love, and negativity.

The paradox doesn’t end there with our Goddess, in fact, the finale “Sparta Remix” is a ravenous track. Phoenyx spews minutes of lyrical venom touching on copycat rappers and their blinding fallacies.

Those unfamiliar with Indigo Phoneyx will become thoroughly introduced, track by track. For fans, our Goddess pushed her pen to the limit to deliver a timeless and righteous masterpiece. Stream “The Goddess Paradox” and connect with Indigo Phoenyx on Instagram.