Supreme Cerebral & Rob Viktum Drop ‘Hattori Hanzo’ Album

Verbal executioner Supreme Cerebral has dropped a new EP with producer, Rob Viktum. The project is called Hattori Hanzo, named after the late Samurai, whose steel was as sharp as Supreme’s bars. Those familiar with the emcee know his lyricism is the heart and soul of his strengths, along with his aggressive and militant delivery. For this release, you can hear his growth, and he’s as focused as he’s ever been. Out of the 7 tracks, only 2 have guest appearances, while the rest was mainly a solo effort.

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The combative wordplay starts off on “Street Science”, which is essentially what the title suggests, featuring descriptive rhyme schemes and a cinematic soundscape. My favorite track,“Survival” has such a dark, gritty, sinister vibe, as Supreme brings in Eto for the kill, prepared to be the last ones standing.  On “Just Another Day” we get a lyrical depiction of navigating through the many obstacles in the streets of LA. Supreme continues to spit street politics on “The Blocks Eyes” speeding up his cadence in the second verse. He lets off some steam and addresses the clout chasers, as well as rappers who don’t live the life they rap about on “Misconception”. 

“Lost Boys” features fellow comrades Reef The Lost Cauze and Ralphiie Reese, who flex on the mic, over a lighter sound that isn’t as intense as some of the first few joints, but will still have you nodding your head to the beat. Things conclude with “Code Of Ethics”, which made me think golden era with a twist, from the samples, to the cuts and scratches. As with his previous work, Supreme continues to show consistency, with or without a co-sign from others.  Rob, crafted the right production that went hand in hand with the Samurai concept, which is also prominent in the album artwork.

The project is available for purchase on Bandcamp digitally, as well as CD and vinyl copies. If you’re someone who is big on the production aspect, you’ll be pleased to hear that all physical versions come with the instrumentals, as a bonus.