Noah O & Fan Ran Serve Up “Dirty Rice: Deux”

As a follow up to their 2017 project Dirty Ricethe duo of Noah O and Fan Ran linked back up to drop Dirty Rice: Deux. For this release, they got dirtier and dustier, with a lo-fi sound that’s full of flavor. The featured guests are Fly Anakin, Big Kahuna OG, Dusty Reynolds, Hongo 1 (Santata Bros), God Goldin and Conway. With Noah originally being from the Bay Area, and now settled in Virginia, he incorporates his upbringing in both places through his music, as well as his deep ties to his Filipino roots.He’s more focused than ever, and sharpened his pen game to deliver introspective, thought provoking lyrics.

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The first track starts off with Noah energetically announcing that they’re back, cookin’ up that dirty rice on “Deux”. The bars are introspective, the backdrop is somber and Noah is determined to stay undefeated no matter what obstacles are thrown at him on Meth Lab Monday. Moving on to “What He Got”, the emcee breaks down the different ways a man’s worth is measured, along with a reflection of his own life. After the first 3 tracks have Noah rapping solo, he brings in his fellow Virginia comrades, Fly Anakin and Big Kahuna OG to go in on “Wotherspoons”. You can tell some major steam was let off on the straightforward joint “SAB”.

You can feel the dustiness in the production of “Degenerate Elite” that reminds me of something you’d hear riding through the hood in an old school car with the subwoofers on blast. On “Dust Interlude”, which is under 2 minutes, Dusty Reynolds, spits on the gritty track with his distinct trademark flow. The vibe mellows out on “Cereal and Silk Milk”, and Noah’s flow is more subtle, in contrast to most of the first half of the album. “Mark Morrison” contains less aggression, but has sharp bars from God Goldin, who was a solid guest to have, and the beat has a nice drum kick that will still get your head nodding to the beat. The final offering is “Sidewalks”, which features a verse from Conway and a soundscape where less is more.

There was a lot of different emotions that were brought out of Noah on this project. He tapped into a lot of his life experiences, both good and bad. He’s had a lot of growth over time, and it reflects in his projects, if you’ve been following his career. This was a real team effort between him and Fan Ran, and you can tell they went over everything together to ensure they were on the same page. The project is out digitally on Bandcamp, along with physical copies in CD, vinyl and cassette formats. A video is also out now for Meth Lab Monday, so be sure to show support and peep those visuals.