Estee Nack Drops “Papitas” with Giallo Point

When you take Estee Nack of the Tragic Allies, and match him up with Giallo Point of the Crate Divizion crew, you get Papitas. Consisting of an intro, plus 9 full length tracks, this was an exciting union between 2 teams that craft quality work. The features were kept to a minimum, but those who popped up were inevitable. The duo did less talking and more cooking up in the lab to put out something special. When I saw the names involved, I simply thought to myself, “Say no more”.

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After a brief intro, things take off with the ill, neck breaking production of “FLYBYNIGHT”, as Nack annihilates the beat with his cadence, on some fly shit after dark vibes. The title track, “PAPITAS” has a darker soundscape, featuring Spanish tinged rhymes and a lot of the emcee’s catchy ad-libs, as he raps with a chip on his shoulder. Next up, “COINTELPRO” is shared with Al Divino, and the production is subtle, slowed down, topped off with a less traditional, more unconventional flow execution. The smooth and delicate canvas on “VACATION” was one of my favorites from the project, as Nack breaks down the purpose of his travel agendas across the globe. With a faster delivery, he has a few words for the lames who think they want to learn the ropes, but lack ambition on “YOUBLEWITFAM”.

Frequent collaborator Daniel Son was enlisted to drop a verse on “TOKYORETAIL”, which exudes a foreign vibe, from the storytelling, to the obscure sample and vocals. Nack has a lot to say as he recalls details of what he can remember about the life he’s lived running the streets on “BLUR”.

Last is “MEMORIEZELITE”, which is Nack’s vow and dedication to keeping the memory alive of his loved ones who are no longer here today. It was a somber, yet touching way to close off the album, and Giallo created exceptional theme music as the backbone of it all. Nack is able to project his rhymes with an energy that still manages to sound natural and effortless. Trevor Lang did a great job with the noteworthy album cover artwork. Currently, you can find Papitas digitally on Bandcamp, until any further announcements.