Termanology & Dame Grease ‘Set In Stone’ LP

Termanology teams up with platinum producer Dame Grease for Set In Stone album, available now on all digital platforms.  The lyrically conveyed canvas features Method Man, Bun B, Enisa, Vado, LA Novel, Wizz Dakota, Millyz, Sheek Louch, Wais P, Lil Fame of M.O.P, C Scharp, and Ea$y Money.

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Set In Stone serves as an homage to Hip Hop, brimming with classic cuts and scratches. In and industry full of arrogant and messy players Term and his elite crew, including Method Man, bleed Hip Hop to the core. Mystic flows over priceless gems is an art form that can’t fade, it’s ‘set in stone’.

The drums are the soul of “Heartbeat” and pulsate over Term’s polished rhymes and Scharp’s vocals. The record encourages a re-invention of broken communities. Watch the video below.


“Haunting Dreams” is a chilling record that all walks of life can relate to. You can hear the devil approaching from the white noise seeping through the bass. When you’re a kid you see ghosts but in Terms world, as you mature you see killers and thieves. These dreams linger when you refuse to sell your soul.

The mood lightens up for “Travel The World.”  The smooth and resonant record vividly describes the surrealism of being in a different world each night. You must live out your dreams to become a passport King or Queen.  Another smooth record, “Written All Over Your Face” entices women in with jazzy, soulful vibes. The men acknowledge the need to be rescued from a true go-getter and wanting to escape in the name of love. “Cartier Lenses” is a catchy, head-nodding record with an elated vibe. The lenses are priced and shaded to remind weak rappers of an unmatched grind that supersedes any shine.

One of the more intense records, “You Wouldn’t Understand” describes days and nights of alcohol consumption and abuse. Drinking for every emotion flowing, drinking until laughter hits, and drinking until fists punch.

“Black Mask” spins it back to the gritty rawness. The track is aimed at rappers claiming self-made statuses who disrespect reputable, solidified emcees. It’s three minutes of unleashed lyrical annihilation. Watch the video below.


The depth of societal destruction that exudes from “Let You Down” is compelling. The record touches on how the masked, hard reality of social media, the news, scams, and political injustices continue to destroy our country and culture.  That hair-raising chill transcends into the last record, “Give Them Flowers.”  A true lyrical sermon to show love to our people while they’re living, because they can’t hear ‘I love you’ once they’re gone.

The incomparable chemistry between Termanology and Dame Grease is groundbreaking.  The arrangement of soul, jazz, piano, drums, and bass sync thoroughly and effortlessly to amplify the vocals and lyrical injections of each record.