Rigz & Dark Lo Want You to “Get Ya Weight Up” (Video)

When the Head Shots EP between Rigz and Dark Lo dropped, I was hyped when I heard the 7 power driven tracks. They’ve dropped their second video from the project, “Get Ya Weight Up“, which was produced by Vinny Idol. Rigz’ go to video shooter, Phresh Vision captured the goon action with crisp visuals on deck. The beat is amped up, the lyrics are grimy, it’s an undeniably infectious track that’ll have you mashing on that gas pedal with a mean grill. Good luck to whoever is driving shotgun with you, because you’ll be so pumped, you’ll probably wanna toss them out the car after you get an adrenaline rush from this joint. Head Shots is hands down, one of my top EP’s from this year, because it’s fast paced and highly energetic, from the beginning to the end. The pair went for the hardest production, while firing shots through lethal bars. My only question is, can we get the video treatment for “Eazy” up next? The project is out on all streaming platforms, and the CD is available for purchase at nineorbetta.com.