Tek from Smif N Wessun Astounds in New ‘The Lost G Mixes’

As we get ready for his highly anticipated solo project Priceless, Tek from iconic hip hop duo Smif N Wessun releases a raw and rugged up project. The Lost G Mixes There’s nothing but heat and hardcore tracks mixed by Don Notz. The unreleased bangers fresh out the vault features a slew of hip hop greats such as Sean P (RIP), Nas, B.I.G, Black Rob, Timbo King, Nipsey Hussle (RIP), Neyo, Mr. Cheeks and even The Migos. It’s seventeen sizzling tracks!

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I’m loving the diversity of the features. The Lost G Mixes is a remarkable listening experience for hip hop enthusiasts. So many layers to this dynamic project. Hearing some of our beloved icons on the album is immensely appreciated. Tek gives us that raw prolific lyricism we can’t get enough of. The stand outs on this one are Angels, Smoke, and Brooklyn Shootouts. Enjoy the warm up album The Lost G Mixes. Priceless, Tek’s solo album is on the way soon!