Gang Starr Returns with “Family and Loyalty” Single Featuring J.Cole

When DJ Premier teased the internet earlier today with a short Instagram clip stating there will be a new Gang Starr record, many weren’t sure of what exactly to expect. Speaking for self, I was excited at the announcement, but still had some trepidation lurking in my heart. It has been 9 years since Guru left us and all the drama that ensued kind of left the duo’s future endeavors in limbo but staunch fans were still hopeful. Another gem for the mind is the way Preem revised the classic “Aiiight Chill…” skit off Gang Starr’s ‘Hard to Earn‘ album with Nas phoning in to confirm if there was truly a new Gang Starr album coming out.

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The new record titled “Family and Loyalty” reeks of the classic era as Preem crafts a solid, reflective backdrop that hits the spot and as usual garnishes the beat with his flawless vocal cuts to make it land with a thump. This joint doesn’t feel like a posthumous make-shift track as Guru sounds exactly like he is right here in 2019 rocking the mic. His undeniable monotone and commanding vocals engulf the instrumental like a vice grip once again showcasing Guru’s legendary voice. Always the one to leave something for the mind to ponder one, Guru drops jewels on the hook as he lets us know that “…Diamonds are forever like family or loyalty and real rap songs like “C.R.E.A.M” or “My Melody...”.

The decision to bring in J.Cole may trigger some feelings in ardent Gang Starr fans, but we have to give props to Cole for keeping it a buck here as he is sharp as ever and stays in the pocket as expected. If this single is anything to go by, then damn, I am sure ready for an entire Gang Starr project right about now!