Bronx’s Own Ninety Carries On Tradition with His New Single “Move”

Now if it wasn’t for the Bronx… y’all know the rest. The legendary borough has given us such legendary M.C.’s like KRS-One, Big Pun, Fat Joe and an endless list of other spitters. Up and coming M.C. Ninety is looking to solidify his name with the legends. His hard new single “Move” is definitely a hell of a start. Produced by Dizzy Banko, this joint is definitely rugged enough to keep your head steadily bobbin’ while he spits with the right balance of cocky and confidence that’ll make you say, “Yo, you got any more joints?” Spitting bars about his own struggles from coming from nothing to becoming something let’s you know this isn’t your average braggadocio rap. He really lived it. The vibe of “Move” definitely reminds me of something you’d hear on a DJ Clue tape back when Clue was killin’ it. I love the beat and I love the fact that Ninety isn’t letting the beat carry the song. In the first verse he calls himself the “Spanish Hova.” That alone should let you know he’s coming for the crown in New York. If he keeps dropping joints like this, he might just be in the running soon.