Premiere: Starvin B & Discourse Are “Forever Queens” In Their New Video

In regards to the independent Hip Hop scene, Starvin B is one of the illest emcees ever to come out of Queens, NY. He crossed paths with Melbourne, Australia based producer/DJ/designer, Discourse, which resulted in the making of an upcoming album, Forever Queens. As an avid supporter of Starvin B’s work, the opportunity to cover the visual premiere for the title track of the same name was an honor. It features fellow Queens native, Chinky QB, and although she wasn’t in the video, her vocals were still a major, undeniable contribution. Carl Allison lent his talents to capture pure, breathtaking cinematography, along with help from Discourse.

“So I’m strivin’ and I’m starvin’ to reach the stars/when the odds are against me I’ll never empty, battery fully charged/check the bars like an alcoholic/they say the style is more retarded than going out on the town without your wallet” – Starvin B

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TKR094 - 12 Sleeve

The carefully constructed soundscape was just what Starvin B needed to execute his bar game that’s as sharp as a razor blade. All of the beautiful shots, such as the Queensboro bridge, subway train scenes, to the amazing skyline views made me reminisce of the times I’d been out there. There was so much depth and definition of the scenes, as  Starvin B kept it moving throughout various locations, to eventually meet up with Discourse, who was on an NYC trip at the time of filming.

The project, dropping on September 20th, will also have appearances by Foul Monday, Milano ConstantineAG of DITC, Zima Locke and Agallah. We’ll be able to listen to it digitally on all major platforms, purchase vinyl through Tuff Kong Records, along with CD and cassette copies from

“I wear my karma like a crown that you never seen/the way we hold it down is world-renowned, forever Queens” – Starvin B


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