D Prime 215 “State Ya Biz” Video

Acclaimed Philly artist D Prime 215 releases visuals for “State Ya Biz”, with production and cuts by J.Depina and legendary DJ Soulbuck. The record is the lead single off Prime’s second EP titled Sacred Mantra.

The skilled emcee takes pride in his unique blend of ‘golden era’ sounds and modern twists, and “State Ya Biz” is no exception.

“I’m on a steadfast mission to curate records that stand the test of time, and with my unique blend of old and new, there’s no room for disappointment.”

Over a mix of funk and jazz, Prime delivers a simple, yet in your face message; state your business and your intentions. Regardless if you are a friend or foe, Prime’s drive and moves are unstoppable.

The striking bass and drums along with classic, polished cuts by DJ Soulbuck, magnify Prime’s mastered wordplay.  Watch “State Ya Biz” above and connect with Prime below.

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