Termanology & Dame Grease “Heartbeat” Video Featuring C Scharp

Termanology and Dame Grease link with C Scharp for “Heartbeat” video, directed by Myster DL. The record is off the duo’s new “Set In Stone” album.

Termanology, currently reigning in the indie scene as top emcee and producer, requests a beat, no matter the direction to deliver cutthroat wordplay. He does just that in “Heartbeat” over a blended arrangement of horns, pulsating bass, and drums. The drums, being the heartbeat and soul of the record acts as an addictive glorification which is magnified by Scharp’s melodic hook.

The video takes place in a gas station on the rooftop of an old rundown RV, where Termanology spews bars entailing what he does and doesn’t’ stand for. “I’m physically woke but mentally asleep, this game got me locked wondering will it set me free.”  He goes on to sermonize about reinventing existence in societies that constantly fail while teaching about wins.

Watch “Heartbeat” below and connect with Termanology on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.