Body Bag Ben Drops ‘The Season’

If there’s someone who could bring top notch rhymers together for a full album, it’s Body Bag Ben. The Cali beat maker enlisted a solid lineup featuring some of the illest emcees of the non-commercial scene. These names include: Daniel Son, Estee Nack, Ca$ablanca, Sauce Heist, Rome Streetz, Rigz, Ace Cannons, Jay Royale, SmooVth, J-Scienide, GeneralBackPain, Madhattan and Volatile. The official title is The Season, a project that’s authentic in its entirety, from the artists, to the cuts, to the musical backdrops. This was certainly well thought out, and it’s obvious that a lot of time was put into the creative process.

After a dope intro, the project starts off with “Dreamer“, which has a laid back, old school feel to it, with an impressive switch up in style and cadence from Daniel. Then there’s “Nose Lift” in which Estee Nack picks up the momentum solo, bringing his high voltage flow and ad-libs on a beat that compliments the energy he brings out. With no hesitating, Ca$ablanca goes in on “Rocket“, slowing down for no one. On “A-Feel“, Sauce Heist wanted to give folks something they could feel, literally. One of the highlights was “God Knowledge” in which having Daniel, Rome and Rigz on one track should have been a crime, because they all bodied this joint.

Talk To Em” is another notable track, where Ace Cannons, Jay Royale and SmooVth spit mean bars over the tough musical canvas that I kept going back to. J-Scienide crushed egos, spitting verbal flames over “Everything on Me“. The contrast was dope between GeneralBackPain, and Madhattan, whose cadence was untouchable on “Back Pain“. Daniel made a third appearance, on “Scarfo“, which also boasts verses from Volatile and SmooVth. The 11 track project rides out with a mellow instrumental outro.

Body Bag Ben really brought out the best in himself as a producer, and displayed a wide range of sounds he can craft when he’s in his element. The cuts he did on the tracks were amazing as well, and really enhanced the sound of essential Hip Hop. Nothing sounded the same as you went from one joint to another, so it wasn’t a predictable project, and I appreciated that. The features are ridiculous, but it wouldn’t be possible without Body Bag Ben’s vision. Definitely check this out for yourself on Bandcamp, cop a physical copy, or do both.

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