Premiere: Illogic + DJ Criminal Say “Look but Don’t Touch”

We are premiering “Look But Don’t Touch” the first track leak from the forthcoming album, A Change In Mantra from the duo of Illogic and DJ Criminal. To drop on September 20th, this is the first new release from underground legend, Illogic in over two years.  Many heads know Illogic from his catalogue of work stretching back to the late 90’s, a good deal of it intertwined with his comrade, Blueprint (including as a member of the collective Greenhouse and the duo currently hosting a podcast together). Ill and Print were both defining members of the fertile Columbus, OH hip-hop scene which also included Def Jux all-stars like RJD2 and Camu Tao.

Eschewing bachelor-pad 1950’s cool, the samples and cuts Criminal flips on the track is at once nostalgic and funky.  Illogic, who admits that this project is probably his most direct and auto-biographical, crafts tales of his wild touring days surrounded by female fans while remaining a monogamous family man.

Speaking on the track Illogic revealed “Look but don’t touch” was inspired by being a married man on the road. There is so much temptation out there as far as females and that always had to be my Mantra. I also wasn’t blind to the fact that when I’m going my wife would also have her share of temptation. Understanding limits in anything is the best way to keep you sanity, allowing your relationships to thieve. If you can pass the tests on the road, it will only make your relationships stronger.”


Initially meeting on tour at the turn of the millennium, Criminal and Illogic didn’t truly re-connect until he tapped the emcee for a guest spot on his 2016 producer album Samples & Marbles (an album which Criminal made entirely from samples of the band Phish).  The duo made plans to work on a project together shortly thereafter, which Criminal revealed is mostly made up of records he picked up in recent years while travelling through Japan and Thailand.

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