Little Brother Returns with Melodic Masterpiece – ‘May The Lord Watch’ LP

Underground hip hop crew Little Brother is back with a smash hit project titled May the Lord Watch! The group returns with their signature witty skits and melodic tracks creating a sound we all loved and missed from this dynamic hip hop duo. With beats from Khrysis, Nottz, Black Milk and many more. One can only imagine how ill the production is. The album consists of substance driven thought provoking joints with lavish lyricism. It feels great to listen an album of this caliber. Truly refreshing soundscape adding necessary flavor to this to watered down underground.

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The love of Little Brother and the Justus league is what thrust me into the game as an advocate for hip hop over a decade ago. So I’m truly elated to hear a new album with dope beats and relatable content from these two game changers. True hip hop enthusiasts will appreciate this audible delight. My fav joints are “The Feel”, “Good Morning Sunshine”, “Work Through Me”. Don’t take my word for it, you gotta listen for yourself. Get back to that feel good hip hop.

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