Premiere: Skanks The Rap Martyr & Kyo Itachi “Unapologetic” LP

NY’s unnerving emcee/producer duo, Skanks The Rap Martyr and Kyo Itachi, debut their collaborative “Unapologetic” album.  The 14-track album represents thorough NY Hip Hop, with treacherous, hard-hitting wordplay.  Bar for bar Skanks delivers ‘unapologetic’ lyrics that define his martyr ego.

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The ‘Intro’ mixed with gritty beats and classic scratches along with a PSA from Skanks sets the tone for the entire album. “I’m where I’m supposed to be, this is the life God chose for me, a dope emcee that you should watch, listen, take notes from me.”  


The tracks to follow transcend into a timeline of ‘unapologetic’ declarations delivered Crown Heights style. ‘Had’ describes an era of fly threads and kicks and moving around the concrete jungle to stay fly. Years later Skanks is paving the way to prosper and beat impossible standards set by society; he’s live in living color like ‘Keenan Ivory Wayans.’ 

‘It’s Nothing Worth Having’ addresses the tainted changes on the block from past to present. Skank’s flow vividly portrays foul sh*t, goddesses turned hoes, and legends walking the line. “It’s nothing worth having unless you get pain from it.”  That lyrical jewel leads right into ‘In The Blink Of An Eye’, a pivotal wake-up calling out several elephants in the room. Skanks lays down the harsh reality about Trump, gentrified hoods, and recessions. Where’s the light? Skanks takes us through a journey to the pearly gates in ‘Heaven’ where there’s no drama or guns. In Heaven’s hood, he’s vibing with Biggie, Phife, Prodigy, and Sean P.

Itachi slides in for the ‘Intermission’ allowing time for the mic to cool off, yet hyping listeners up for the ‘unapologetic’ climax. ‘The Worst’, ‘Respect’, and ‘Anti-Social’ are tracks that touch upon our mental that can make or break folks’ from toxic relationships to the obsession with likes and views over respect for humankind, to Skanks’ definition of loyalty. “I’m so anti-social sometimes I don’t fuck with myself.”  Although ‘unapologetic’, Skanks serves up a piece of humble pie and pays homage to ‘Project Hallways’ and their consistent hell of prostitutes, gang bangers, crying mothers, and men scheming to make it out one day.

‘End of Discussion’ wraps up the timeline of declarations with Skanks acknowledging his ‘Brooklyn Assassins’ crew, Bankai-Fam.  It’s a result of tracks 1-12 that they are one in a few groups that hold weight in the trenches, the industry, and Hip Hop. They are who they are, they’ve done dirt, they lived foul and Skanks along with Hip Hop heads worldwide wouldn’t change them for anything.

Skanks delivers a lyrical masterpiece on canvas brimming with a genuine NY flow and heavy bass.  Itachi provides blends of soulful, cosmic, and intense tones to magnify Skanks’ rawness and amplify his ‘unapologetic’ messages.

Skanks The Rap Marty x Kyo Itachi ‘Unapologetic’ on preferred streaming platforms.