Rel McCoy’s ‘A Different Crown’ Explores Love, Fear, Trust, Joy, Pain, Triumph & Everything that Comes In Between

In this life, many of us live for the pursuit of recognition in its many forms. Medals. Cups. Trophies. We often feel that they are the only form of validation for our work and passion. But what about the accolades that defy temporary law and last forever?

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For his debut album on Illect Recordings, Rel McCoy makes his seemingly impossible mission clear by fixing his gaze on “a different crown”. Entirely produced by the man himself, this body of work is intensely personal as Rel takes the listener on a ride through the theme park of his mind. The exhilarating poetry will thrust you skyward into the human experience. Various levels of retrospection are laid bare here including love, fear, trust, joy, pain, triumph and everything that comes in between but sometimes get overlooked. The most beautiful streak throughout the album’s seventeen tracks is Rel’s willingness to ask the questions to which there are likely to be tough answers. His humble inquisitiveness is awe-inspiring. Plus his bars are nice. As in N-I-C-E.

The crown doesn’t move, but this music will move you.

A Different Crown is out today on Illect Recordings.