Celph Titled Delivers “Paragraphs of Murder” Over Apathy Produced Banger

What I love about hip hop in 2019 is that you can now control what you want and don’t want to hear. Me, like some of y’all, like my Grimy with a side of raw and heavy on the bars. This new Celph Titled joint “Paragraphs of Murder” is exactly what I ordered. I forgot how I stumbled across Celphs music in the past, but he has yet to disappoint me.

Apathy & Celph Titled

Took a little second for the Apathy produced beat to drop, but when it did, that’s when the massacre began. This joint is nothing but a straight bar-fest. Celph bobs and weaves on the track for three minutes straight with rugged lines like “y’all ain’t putting me down, y’all put the seat down / sit down to take a piss flagrant trick cause you a blatant bitch!!!!!!!!” Ouch! I’d hate to be on the receiving end of those bars!!!!!!!!

Celph keeps that same energy up on the second verse. He definitely made it his business to live up to the title of this track. If you’re into that hardcore head banging fold your face up hip hop, I highly recommend this joint. Whatever Celph is over there cooking up for the fall, I definitely want a plate. Here’s the murder scene on wax.