Ca$ablanca & Kyo Itachi Lick Shots with “Gun in the Airport” Single

Ca$ablanca and Kyo Itachi release heat rock with latest joint titled “Gun in the Airport”. Kyo Itachi creates a unique soundscape with Middle East undertones and heavy drum kicks. Casablanca gives us witty wordplay and dynamic delivery. The duo sounds incredible together. I hope to hear more music from them collaboratively.



The art struck me as controversial. I had to inquire as to why this piece was selected to highlight the song. Casablanca responded:

Word, no disrespect. I just flip the art on how America sees the Muslim community and how they wanna call them terrorists etc. And say they did all the WTC-ish, which is a lie. We all know their hand was the ones that pushed the button. So yea, it’s like a shot in the face to them, a lil controversy is needed from time to time lol.

Check out “Gun in the Airport” single