Ill Conscious Drops ‘Logistix’ Project

Sometimes a nice break and getaway is needed to fully recharge and continue putting out your personal best. After keeping a low key profile in recent months, Ill Conscious unveiled his latest project, which is an 11 track album called Logistix. Guest features include: Jay Royale, Codenine, Ice Lord, AA Rashid, Recognize Ali, Sage Infinite, J Scienide, Supreme Cerebral and Jamil Honesty. This time around, there was a significant contribution of soundscapes/cuts provided by Jumbled, Mika Dough, DJ Tako, Eyeree, God Yash, DJ TMB, MWP, DJ Daredevil, DJ Grazzhoppa and Hamorabi. It was a solid, collective effort, as well as a good representation of what modern boom bap should sound like. 

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Starting with the first of my standout tracks is “S.T.R.E.E.T.S.”, featuring Jay Royale. I loved the cadence of the beat as well as the energy of both emcees, who bodied their verses. Jay’s verse was flamboyant and fresh, while Ill delivered gems of substance.

The lyricism is exceptional on “The Coronation”, which Codenine guest appears on. The bar game on this joint has a sophisticated and refined feel to it. Codenine is a top tier spitter who compliments Ill, and their storytelling is vivid.

“Drop a Jewel” is exactly what each emcee did on this track respectively. Recognize Ali and Sage Infinite were great features, and Ill has a tendency to speed up his cadence at random times when he gets on the mic. This is authentic, organic Hip Hop that will leave your brain verbally stimulated.

“Represent To The Fullest” was one of only a couple of joints that Ill did solo, and it has a mellow, jazzed out vibe incorporated into it that he shined on.

The production is subtle and smooth on “Caviar” but don’t expect anything short of golden rhymes from the main emcee, and his comrades. It was nice to hear Supreme Cerebral on this track, where he was a little less militant in delivery but still packed a lot of punch in his bars. Jamil Honesty brought an edge with his wordplay as well.

There’s a lot to like about Logistix and I wouldn’t expect anything short of that. Ill Conscious is someone I hold in high regards as one of the most gifted and inspiring of emcees of this time. He takes his time in making sure his craft is superb and game changing. He also drops a lot of knowledge and food for thought, so what he brings to the table is a breath of fresh air. The project is available digitally on Bandcamp, and an official announcement for physical copies will be following shortly.