Boom Bap Queen Bahamadia Releases Remarkable New Video Titled “We Here”

There’s been lots of talk about females in hip hop lately. Controversy was surely struck up when hip hop icon Jermaine Dupri commented that females in hip hop create “stripper” music. The legendary Bahamadia recently dropped powerful visuals with bold, yet simple message: “We Here”. Female emcees with lyrical prowess are often overshadowed by the sexy vixen type of rapper. However, there are dope female rappers with various lyrical content that’s hard hitting. .

Bahamadia goes a step further and states we are lyricists and should just be addressed as such, minus gender being factored in. She rips the track flawlessly executed lyricism. The video shows Bahamadia paying homage to her peers in hip hop who are still here making an impact on the culture. I had the honor of interviewing the Queen Bahamadia and she has always had a stance for equality in hip hop. She is truly an inspiration to many artists. As an emcee myself, I want to be able to present my music without discrimination and pre-conceived notions of what I’m bringing to the table because of my gender. I appreciate an icon like Bahamadia advocating for lyricists as a whole. Anyone acting like they can’t find talented women in hip hop isn’t looking hard enough.

When we asked the Queen on how this song came about, she responded:

The marginalization of women in our culture inspired me to piece the anthem. The video though was inspired by my observation of where we are in the digital vortex that is the internet.

Fun fact: Wrote the piece around 2004-06

Check out the fierce visuals for “We Here” now