Apokalips The Archangel Drops “Almost Took An ‘L'” Single

Top Shelf Muzik and Apokalips The Archangel are back with the 8th release off  the forthcoming album ‘The End of Days.’  The personal, tumultous single “Almost Took An ‘L'” is produced by Mr Jack.

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Almost Took A L (official cover) MrJack

The Queens thoroughbred takes listeners through a horrific yet heroic journey. Through raw and vivid lyricism, he describes undergoing surgery and leaking vials of blood. During that hell he recalls traveling rocky roads while menacing laughter from devils’ echoes through his soul. Apokalips pleads as he’s not ready to endure the light and for his children must continue his ‘hustle and flow’ grind.
Mr Jack mixes dramatic undertones with heavy bass to intensify the stirring of raw emotion erupting from Apokalips.

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